Adam Gruba (b. 1988) - deals with the wider art of intermedia their activities using the elements of performance, video, object, text. Uses a combination of performance as a way of everything with everything based on constantly created - new versions of philosophy - aligning it according to their own rules to the representation of areas between the image and understanding. It uses an image reduction of aesthetics at the expense of its intellectual dimension, which is for him the greatest importance in showing the work in the process. His works show a thin line between art and life, creation and reality. Breaking the convention is trying to use it against each other, making sure that it is possible. Perform its concepts and ideas, performance and video, among others in Poland, Germany, Israel, Spain, Indonesia, Australia and Hungary. Intermedia is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

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EXHIBITIONS: the following list presents in chronological order all one man shows, most important installations, performances and selected group shows:


- exhibit on inSPIRACJE 2013 Art Festival (GENESIS), Szczecin, Poland
- presentation of performance on Polish Performance Night, Le Lieu Gallery, Quebec, Canada
- exhibition and performance on ARUS BALIK project, Sumber Village, Muntilan, Indonesia
- performance on Bizzare On Stage Festival, ISI Theater, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


- exhibit in GALLERIA RAJATILA, Hämeenpuisto 10, 33210 Tampere
- exhibit in ONE NIGHT ONLY GALLERY, Vilna, Liettua, (esityspaikka: "Skalvija" gallery / "Skalvijos" galerija, Goštauto 2/15, Vilna, Liettua
- exhibit in ONE NIGHT ONLY GALLERY C/O UKS, Lakkegata 55d, 0187 Oslo, Norja
- exhibit at VILLA KARO, Suomalais-afrikkalainen kulttuurikeskus, Grand-Popo, Benin, Afrikka
- performance on exhibition Membunuh Kemenangan, Pusat Kebudayaan UGM, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
- performance on exhibition "Jalan Aja", Galeri Biasa, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
- performance on postgraduate exhibition of ISI Yogyakarta students, ISI Gallery, part of Andres Busrianto work, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
-What A Mess! Art Fair ,Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall, Fredrikstad, Norway
- exhibited on Volta8; The Volta Show , Booth C7, part of FPSW (Program Gallery), Basel, Swiss
- participant of exhibition “As far away as close”, Arsene Galeria Wiatraki, part of Cracow Gallery Weekend “KRAKERS”, part of ARTBOOM festival, Cracow
- exhibition of master degree diploma Intermedia Department Krakow, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland
- participant and performer on symposium „Aesthethic in performative arts”, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
- participant in the production of interactive video mapping “INTERMEDIOLAND”, Sukiennice, Krakow, Poland
- participant of Performance Voyage 2, part of New Performance Turku festival, Turku, Helsinki
- performance on memorial exhibition of Jan Piekarczyk, Perfidia Perfearance II, Galery XXI, Warsaw
- individual exhibition-in-progress, performance, installaction, time based - „GOLEM: Self-contained Laboratory”, FPSW, Warsaw
- individual exhibition „GOLEM”, Art Agenda Nova, Gallery Nova, Krakow, Poland
- creator and teacher of intermedia workshops PER-FOR-MAP, Academy of Others Arts, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland
- participant of PECHA-KUCHA NIGHT, Krakow, Poland
- participant of group exhibition INTERMEDIA Diploma, ODA, Piotrków Trybunalski
- suggested artist profile by, WWW


- participant of international workshops „Correspondences&Interventions”, London, UK
-performance on exhibition „Echo Dimension”, Art Agenda Nova, Gallery Nova, Poland
-exist-ence: a festival of live art, performance art and action art 13 - 16 October, Brisbane Powerhouse, Australia
-perfo-łazarz, performance presentation, Galeria Raczej, Poznan, Poland
- Global Communication Festival, part of PAS studies, Radom, Poland
- Direct Action 2011, part of Month of Performance Art, Berlin, Germany
- konnektor 04, Hannover
-artist residency on kunstwerkstadt project, Possneck, Germany
-participant and performer on KULTURALIA art event, Cracow, Poland
-participant of European Forum of Exchange, Krzyzowa, Poland
-participant of web page presentation on The Present Tense, Boston, USA
-participant of "TEMPORARYacje"  Art Event, performance on that, Lodz, Poland


- participant of 'exist-tence' Performance and Video Festival, Centre of Contemporary Art, Brisbane,
- participant of 'Chamalle X' Performance Festival, Pontevedra, Spain
- performane on 10 years of Jewish Centrum, Oswiecim, Poland
- participant of International Theatre Festival „Events”, Tczew, Poland
- participant of „Akcja/Accion” Performance Festival, Cervantes Institute, Krakow, Poland
- participant of International Performance Festival „Interakcje 2010”, Piotrków Tryb, Poland
- performance in KUB Gallery on „BlueScreen” art event during Krakow Days, Leipzig , Germany


- participant of project European Forum of Exchange, Tier/Andernach/Namedy, Germany
- paricipant of performance workshops in Namedy Castle, Germany
- participant of International Performance Festival "Interakcje 2009",Piotrków Tryb, Poland
- participant of secound final exhibition of Intermedia Department, Centre of Tadeusz Kantor –
Cricoteka, Krakow, Poland
- performance "Lewitacja II/Levitation II" , Cricoteka, Krakow, Poland
- paricipant of finalisation art project "Rebirth/ Reactivation",Swiecie, Poland
-participant of „Christmas Palm” exhibition in Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany
-participant of exhibiton "Aesthetics and Bias", Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Izrael


- participant of International Workshops „Intermodem”, Debrecen, Hungary
- participant of „Particio” exhibition, Centre of Contemporary Art MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary
- one of volunteer organize International Festival of Performance „Differences", Warsaw, Poland
- performance "Place of Crime” in old church in Srebrna Góra, Poland
- performance "Man-Scar" in a space of Warsaw,Poland
- making group performance on the Fluxus Licence, Warsaw, Poland
- performance "Screen" in Galery Gardzienice, Lublin, Poland
- one of volunteer organize symhopsium"Interfejsy Sztuki" (Interface of Art), Krakow
- participant of Intermedia Department final exhibition (video, objects, installation), Cricoteka,
Krakow, Poland
- performance "Ritual: Process of Creation Lovecraft Idea" on final exhibition of Intermedia
Department, Centre of Tadeusz Kantor – Crocoteka, Krakow, Poland
-performance "Hidden Me" in Sderot(2 km to Gasa), Izrael
-performance "12 steps to rebirth" in Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem


-participant and winner of special jury award on SZEFF Festival of short and students short video in
Kalisz Pomorski, Poland
- participant of performance workshops „Roman Signer: Inspiration” maked by Arti Grabowski and

Anna Syczewska in Kalisz Pomorski, Poland

2007-2010 – Bechelor of Intermedia, Performance Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow

2010-2012 – Master Studies of Intermedia, Performance Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow

2010-2012 - Course of Art Teaching, AoFA in Cracow

2012 – 2013 - scholarship program Darmasiswa by Ministry of National Education (MoNE) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) - Art studies in ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia